You could be trying many hair products and still not getting the result you wish. It is because the solution is not in any product... well, yes, some oils and hair creams can help. But the missing puzzle piece that will make your hair look naturally gorgeous, fresh, and healthy is ;
The Product of your Thoughts!

If someone has an awful image in their head about you, or talks shit to you, will you stay around them? I don’t think so.

Same thing with the hair. If the person has a respectful self-image of themselves and thinks high-quality thoughts they won’t lose their hair, their hair won’t fall and leave them. When you treat your hair with respect it will stay with you. 

It is true! The hair is the closest thing to your head, it can hear what goes on in your mind better than any other organ.

Hair is emotional, hair is very sensitive and fragile. 

Nervous thoughts and destructive self-images affect the hair.

On the other hand, Nourishing thoughts, a healthy self-image, bold thinking, and Love for the self are the reasons hair grows naturally like how nature or creation wants it to be effortlessly beautiful. 

A broken self-image gets in the way of how nature grows hair. While a strong self-image gives energy to the aura around the hair, This is what gives it life.

This Lovely self-image you will have for yourself especially your hair is the energy that will make your hair look different and special in its own way!

Get to know your hair

Getting to know your hair, what it wants what it needs, and what it doesn’t want is also important !, Hair has its individuality! Imagine it as a tree. Your hair is not you, it is Free to be its creation. 

The two important things about the hair are the roots and the endings.  So Know more about what blocks the hair roots. We sometimes do some hair care routine thinking we are feeding our hair, while it could be too much!  sometimes too much is just as harmful as too little!

What is more important than maintaining the hair, is maintaining a healthy diet.

  • Drinking water is the No 1 hair care routine! 
  • And here are the essential foods the hair love 
Green leaves veggies, Banana, Avocado, Coconut water and Coconut oil, Honey, Raw Nuts and seeds, and Fish.

Every day Is a Good Hair Day

When it comes to what we apply to the hair. 

I am going to tell you about what is fundamental!

Apply Coconut oil or Olive Oil on your hair and make it your daily habit! If you do not want your hair looking oily all the time, I’ll explain to you how to do it right. 

Wet your hands with water and apply a few drops of oil on the palm of your hand. Rub it with both hands and massage the hair roots all over the scalp. Repeat the same process with hair ends.

Do this every day!

The water makes the oil easily absorbed by your hair and scalp. So it will not look oily, It will look nicely moisturized.

PS. Olive oil is more frequently observed than Coconut Oil, and it doesn’t make it look oily. However, Both oils are highly recommended for the hair.

Train your hair

If you can train your mind, your muscles and your skin, You can too train your hair.

If you leave it messy most of the time, it will be trained to have a messy shape! This is why I love Hair Braids, If you don’t know what to do with your hair try not to leave it flying around! because this exhausts the hair. I dont recommend having your hair 24/7 wrapped in a bun or pony tail. It is boring !

Train your hair to be boring and it will listen to you and become that!

Braids are nicer than hair buns because they help the hair hold its natural waves. Also protects it from dry environments or pollution.

Less shampoo shower

If you already don’t use shampoo every day. I would suggest to you that when you shower with shampoo, cleanse the roots and the hair very well. Then don’t shower with shampoo again for three days. Gradually your hair will get used to it. It depends on the person’s lifestyle. Some people don’t use shampoo for a whole week and yet their hair remains clean! Because they don’t do too many physical activities, or get exposed to pollution. However, not using shampoo at least for three days is ideal for the hair because it trains it to keep and feed on its natural oils.

Curl your hair?

When drying the hair it’s better to squeeze it with a towel instead of rubbing it. It makes it wavy and reduces the fuzz. 

This product is perfect! I recommend it
Giovanni Smooth As Silk Xtreme Protein Hair Infusion 
  • With a small amount spread on your balms,
  • Squeeze the hair into the roots.
  • After that, Put your fingers inside your hair, and give it a nice air blow shake,
  • then repeat the squeezing one more time. 


Be gentle with the hair… try not to force it to look like something else it is not! For example, if your hair is straight, don’t burn it to make it curly. And if it is curly, do not punish it to make it straight!

Love it unconditionally. Don’t criticize it or let it know you don’t like it because you must like it!

Trust me the hair listens to your thoughts! 

Give it the freedom to be its nature, and so it will.

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