He is a Greek trickster who receives eternal punishment for trying to cheat Death to roll a rock up a hill only to watch it roll back down.

The story puzzled me I took time to think and make sense of this myth, I relate to it a lot because in life every human has a dream regardless we live it or not but we all receive a dream that stands as a vision for our life. Some are determined to make it a reality and the process of making a dream a reality includes suffering from failure and learning lessons along the way. It seems to me the same as rolling a rock up a hill and watching it roll back down again a few times, some of us are lucky enough not to give up, and we finally reach the rock up the hill, but some of us don’t succeed in a lifetime so we die and become reincarnated again to accomplish the same mission.

This explains the De ja vu doesn’t it?

The rock symbolizes Karma, soul evolving, and the Balance between good and bad. I think once the rock reaches the top, ( meaning when we learn from failure and live a life with purpose ) several things happen, One: it falls on the other side falling after the ones who did us wrong and hurt us because it is their turn to do the work.

God sees the full picture.

Another possibility why this madness “KARMA” is happening is a way of fixing people’s complexes to return humanity to its origin so that later generations live in another world and have another problem from higher levels to care about. Maybe we are elevating our consciousness to reach our potential as humans to travel between planets and be qualified to communicate with aliens, I think aliens do not want to deal with all of us, just those who are consciously awake. Humans will keep going in circles As long as we walk with guns and bombs and liquor and drugs. until we are evolved, as a human race then we will go to the next level.
Now Sisyphus’s Punishment makes sense, doesn’t it?

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