With out them

We complain about people all the time and how people make life sucks and a worse place to live, we hate how cruel and careless they are and are controlled by ego. But without people, we can't get our favorite coffee in the morning, we can't get our favorite food. Without people there won't be a variety of fruits a few steps from your house, there won't be customer service there won't be stores or malls or clothes or fashion or art or music or anything, and even if you ask Google about anything on your mind it won't be able to help you if there were no people. People are the reason we are heard in this world.


Wilderness with its holes each hole is different than the other, some holes can hide dangers like snakes, wolves, or bears, and sometimes wilderness holes can hide cute rabbits or treasures. It is the same concept with strangers who are wandering around in the wilderness, and one has to be careful before indulging with anyone strange because people are like holes in the wilderness some can be safe some can be a plot hole.


Just choose people consciously, honestly, I think before letting people enter our lives, we should have an evaluation period analyzing and studying people who want to be close to us, seeing their good aspects, and not ignoring the red flags because those red flags are the troubles that can go on for years in our lives, we can love and care about people but from far. Give enough time and even more than enough time till you feel safe about letting anyone in your personal space!

Never judge a book by it’s cover.

Keep Enemies Closer

I used to think It was smart to know the enemy and stay as far as I could from them so I would be protected from any harm they could bring. Now I am wiser I think that to be the best at anything learn from the best, and in other words, to beat the devil, learn from the devil. Keeping enemies close is a smart move because we get to take advantage of observing their techniques and strategies, know about their skills, and beat them with it by being steps ahead. So this is how you become a person who was not born yesterday by Keeping enemies closer and discovering from them.
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