Let’s Not Change the Subject

Each time I choose to speak about this, I receive signs from the universe that Go for it because the world needs to hear it, but my ego would not want me to, and it would change the subject. This time I Spell out the truth, and the truth has to do with the word "Spell." The magic in the power of words to change the outcome and manipulate destiny in our favor, to serve a higher purpose and to do certain rituals to heal oneself and relationships, and to achieve goals, for example, people can do white magic to make the universe work with them. While white magic starts with good intentions, we ask god and the higher energies in the universe to work with us, on the other side magic has been abused by dark forces to be used to serve evil and this type of practice starts with ill intentions.

Which Craft

Knowledge can make superhuman and can make humans destructive. Whitch craft can not work on anyone without their approval unconsciously, I am talking about fear. Fear opens a portal for the darkness to appear in our life however when the shady craft is being done on someone for it to be effective it has to have something personal from that person it could be material or not material such as secrets. When I was a little girl my father used to tell me more than once, " Don't give your secrets to anyone my daughter. " Now that I have grown up I realize why he says that, because when secrets are told to a friend friends can be enemies and secrets can be weapons used against us. Unresolved trauma stands as open wounds dark entities can use to make magic spells work on someone. Dark magic is a way to stop good destiny from happening to a person by manipulating their thoughts and making the person become the one who sabotages their faith. So basically whitch craft is a psychic attack It is a projection of evil by doing rituals and abusing the law of attraction.

Shadow Work

As mentioned, fear and unhealed wounds act as open doorways allowing the dark entities to enter and drain the person from their energy so they don't be what they enjoy being. What someone needs to do for protection is first to become aware. Imagine someone trying to steal your things if you act like you do not know, the thief will probably succeed, but If you let the bad guy know that you know this might threaten them, whereas if you know and do something to stop the scheme you probably will stop it but first you need a strategy. For every cause, there is an effect to cause this black magic to break the first effective step is to know why it started in the first place and how it occurred. First, you have to know who is that mother fucker you trusted once and betrayed you and cut all the energy chords with them. Second, know your fear and deal with it, clean your unhealed wounds and close them, and shut those portals down, meaning do your shadow work to heal what needs healing from your past.

Be a bad ass

We don't only have angels and spirit guides around us to guide and help us, we also have underground world powers that are not evil and can work with us when we are fearless, sometimes they pass information and psychic abilities to us, in other words, they can give us spiritual guns to fight and win our battles with the devil. Also, it is important to trust our intuition for example, if we have an uncomfortable feeling about someone or something and it feels like it drains our energy it's a sign to stay away from it because the devil's strategy is to use these people and things to get to one's energy. Intuition is a muscle with practice it can get stronger.
When we are ready to forgive ourselves and everyone who has done us wrong in the past, our wounds are finally closed, only then love explodes like unstoppable lava, and this love is like fire burning out all the disorder and bullshit. When this happens, it is the time for your new life. Love is the only thing that can instantly break the curse, not just break it, but put an end to it for good, making you just like electric power, shocking anything that tries to touch and hurt you. But it has to come from the right source, and it has to happen naturally. However, I believe in faking it till you make it.
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