I’m NOT talking about that person you used to go out with I am talking about the one you thought was the answer and turns out to be the problem and then be called an ex or a ghost that keeps chasing you for so long. After an ex, an exorcism is necessary, and I will break it down for you.

What the fuck happened

You know that feeling when you spend some time in a dark room and then go out to the light and can’t take it for a minute? That is how it feels after ending a long relationship, Like living in a fantasy world for a while and then suddenly you face the real world.

The Fuck that actually happened. part 1

Soul Merge, it’s the best thing in the world, unfortunately, it is NOT the best thing in the world when it happens with the KARMIC sun of a bitch;’) It is uncomfortable to detach from someone we love it’s similar to removing a bandage or super glue from the skin, and we need to release it gently and slowly. The same concept applies to the souls, they get hurt as well, and they take time to recover.

The Fuck that actually happened. part 2

During the Detachment you lose parts of your self. The problem is we always ignore the fact that healing takes time! It is not a one-time fix. Deep scars take a long time to fade away. The good news is they do go away eventually. It is well known when someone gets an injury our nervous system numbs the pain for some time. It is the same thing with soul wounds, the mind numbs the memory and stores it far away so that we survive. But sooner or later, we need to deal with the hurt one day when we are ready.

It’s not a joke

Maybe I don’t know why it has to be this way, but I do know it’s because we attach ourselves to things we want, love, or desire. The Ex attachment to us and our to them will play a role in not finding love or being in love for a while that can feel like forever, and not being able to enjoy the other sex company like we used to because we start to see what is unattractive in others before seeing what’s attractive and running away as soon as we feel emotional.

What is the hold

From my experience in this topic, I realized being free from a long toxic relationship doesn’t mean being free for several reasons. I remember feeling good that it ended after realizing how toxic it was when subconsciously I still never accepted the idea of being in love with another one in the future, even tho a long time had gone by, my situation was like when I hear the word, love, instantly my mind goes to that ass-hole who broke my heart. Why? I don’t know exactly, but I’m sure this delays us from finding true love. How can it reach us when we still have unresolved trauma? Breaking free from the memory requires a key, and that key is closure, if we don’t get a fair closure, it is the worst because it delays the healing process even more and it makes us keep feeding ourselves lies that we moved on but we didn’t really because we haven’t got a proper closure to the whole thing! imagine a wind coming from an open window and flying everything around the window must be closed. Another big reason for not finding your person after a long time of being single is that you never knew what kind of person is the ex person, people could be spiritually weak and engage in low activities, which makes it possible for demonic attachment, when it happens with a person it influences their perspective and make them sabotage good relationships with others, the big problem is that these demonic entities can get sexually transmitted this can play a huge role in ruining your love life, a sign of this can be such as if someone is single for so long and each time they meet someone with a potential of being the one, something unexplainable stops the connection.

The good place

The only way to heal is to keep on going, and it has to be towards something valuable to pursue a life that makes us busy living instead of busy dying, by finding ways to be happy every day we exorcise the darkness. However, being in a happy place in life is not something that happens at once it takes time but with each effort we make to get there we receive new knowledge and ascend, which makes us wiser and more calm. I noticed in life, there’s always a place we need to be and that place leads to another that is better some places make us deal with unhealed memories sometimes in painful ways and gentle ways, but it is essential that we listen to that calling, and start doing something none stop it makes all hurt go away it makes us want to dance again eventually and become the child we are in the first place only with wiser vision, someone with vibrating energy like that everyone would want to be with them forever.

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