What happens when the electricity goes off? No AC means feeling hot or cold, being in the darkness with no light, or being unable to connect with anyone. When you don’t pay the electricity bill the power goes off. It reminds me of the soul. Ignoring spiritual activity can lead to a lack of energy which makes one feel hot and translates to negative thinking. Or feel cold translates to emotionless and bitter.
Sometimes we need to save the electric energy for a reason such as not having more than enough. It also applies to the soul when we go through circumstances and use our energy for material gains working to create something that requires so much power, and we need to save all the energy we have. If we waste it on things that don’t serve our highest good we end up lost and drained.


There was this bright guy who asked me on a date at that time, he was an entrepreneur and so was I, so we had common things to talk about. Our first date was ok, we had dinner and shared our passions for business and life. He asked me out again, and when I met him again his energy was different than the first time I saw him, more energetic and ambitious. I knew that my energy had something to do with this change and I felt happy. After the second date, I didn’t feel good energetically it was like I got drained, and I couldn’t get my mind to be creative or focused on work. I stopped seeing him for a few weeks then, I got my energy back to normal. After a while, he asked to see me I said yes out of curiosity I needed to know why I felt the way I did! I was conscious the whole time with him. I noticed he was talking about his life situations while I made him feel better by Giving him positive energy. And what I noticed as well is that he doesn’t give that energy back! There was no energy exchange. He didn’t wish me well the same way I did towards him, and that caused an energy drain. I ended things with him, and at the same time, I was grateful for the learning experience. It taught me to be conscious of how it makes me feel being with some people and trust my intuition.

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