Keep to Your Self
Each human carries a light guide or angel to guide us via signs and dreams. On the other side, there is darkness, or in other words, demons. These entities can see us from another dimension where we can't see them, their assignment is to listen to the human mind and sabotage his thoughts and plans with abilities such as catching our energy frequencies and traveling through space fast because they don't have physical bodies. This dark entity feeds off human energy when he is not strong enough to protect himself. Some of us are aware and have a strong protection aura that makes darkness fade away and others aura is weak because of the energy produced by our thinking pattern. So think twice before letting anyone know your next moves because other things are listening other than your person.
Actions instead of words
Instead of dreaming about it, be the real deal.
Learning to be silent to protect our future goals and plans and to protect our energy is the best, but being silent in 3D is not enough because we need to be silent on the inside as well because thoughts have sounds not only light entities can hear but also dark entities, and Karma the destiny that still wants us to pay for whatever we did in the past or even in a previous life. We can escape it with silence. I do love daydreaming, and I love using the power of visualization to create reality. However, in my opinion, it produces ego and feelings of personal gain which bring Karma again into the picture dreaming the future has to be done wisely and with detachment. This method builds confidence in our inner child it is what makes manifestation work fast.
Escape Karma
When We have good projects, it is the same as lighting a candle, so protect those ideas from the wind of attachment and egoism.
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