Gene – ration
If one part of the body gets infected, the whole body goes through a fever to heal the infection. Humans are one body each soul represents a cell.
Sometimes people do very shady things to others a lot and I learned that the size of karma is the size of the deed so the ones who do the shady stuff may think they will never get karma or maybe they just don't care, the situation is some people bring karma not only to themselves but to their bloodline, and it could continue for generations whether it's good karma or bad.  I describe the bad Karma as the fire starting to burn a few trees in the forest most probably it will spread until it is stopped for a reason.
Break the cycle
The highest spirit chooses someone in a family to break the generational curse, chooses that someone for a reason because this person has a pure soul and can balance between dark and light, and on top of that, they have an experienced soul, and they have a direct connection with the highest power, the divine. After one is chosen, they will be given special abilities and gifts so they can use them to create a new life. It is known that gifted people with talents and potential face painful lives. When you become the one who frees your bloodline from the generational curse, you cut yourself open, and you will become the open wound that releases the bad blood, the karma. All this starts by knowing you are rare and also knowing you deserve the best life and do everything to create it.
The devil knows your name
When a child becomes chosen, the devil will know and will be threatened by them because this child will put an end to the bullshit and will bring luck and fortune to their bloodline and to humanity, and this is against the devil's want. This child will not fight demons only but will fight the devil itself. Like the profits who suffered to deliver their message, it doesn't matter how clever the devil is to send everything and everyone to stop the chosen one they are unstoppable, and they are definitely not alone, god harnesses spirits and angels to be by their side. I think some demons who came to stop the chosen one would turn back to be good entities because of this human.

Generational curses are actually blessings in disguise; the mistakes were already made for you, now all you have to do is apply the solutions.

 Isaac Mashman
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