Nothing is like the sunrise and the sunset, it makes you fall in love with its glow, although closely the sun looks scary, fiery, and toxic, still it's beautiful because it expresses something about this universe. I think it is the same thing with people, a man can glow for a woman, can empress and show all his beautiful sides, like sunrises. but it's time that we are aware just like the sun is toxic at times, so as men. Before we girls jump in love with a guy after seeing his sunrise and sunset, Let's wait until he is comfortable enough to get closer and get toxic. Then it wouldn't be too late, we wouldn't get burned by love because a girl would know what she is dealing with, and it would give her a chance to bring SPF and sunglasses.
A Man can meet a girl when her energy is like the full moon she carries a sense of awareness and spiritual growth, and she is emotionally complete. On the other hand, a man could meet a girl when she is like the new moon, entirely dark and figuring things out. Or like the crescent moon, so much darkness to deal with, all those illusions and doubt… but If you wait faithfully … there will eventually be a full moon.
When Women are attracted to toxic men
The healing they get from each other
Not all medicines taste good, in my scenario, my 1st Real Love turned out to be as toxic as the UV Radiation, I interpreted jealousy and possessiveness as love, I don't know if it was Love Really but I think It wasn't fully. However, It introduced me to all my darkness and trauma so I can deal with it throughout the years.

Expectation is the root of all heartache

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