You don’t look at your self in the mirror, it’s your self Image looking at you.
Mirrors are not only a reflection, Whatever a mirror reflects it becomes Strong in the 3D.
Mirrors can be used to heal self-image Because they absorb the energy and reflect it into the space around it. Therefore sending positive messages to one's self continuously through a mirror helps in healing imperfections.
Objects have memories and memory is energy, a mirror carries memories and it is powerful in spreading energy in the room. 
Broken Mirrors Have sharp edges
The Mirror can carry dark energy, Sharp edges in a mirror allow this to happen by attracting negativity like anger and tension, it can drain someone. Because of the distorted energy it absorbs and reflects into the space. Some sounds are loud enough to smash mirrors, loud sounds are scary and not comfortable, so it makes sense that sharp edges in a mirror are not a good sign and can invite fear.
Round Framed Clean Mirror
Round Mirrors don't have sharp edges, They Are the Best for Promoting smooth and harmonious energy in your space. A mirror Regardless of its shape has to be framed so it doesn't bring negativity in the space. Keep mirrors clean and without sharp edges preferably framed. Believe it or not, mirrors are portals for spirits, and not all spirits are light. The only successful way to protect one's self and energy field from negativity is to fill the space with positivity, if you don't make space for negative, negative can not be, 

Darkness is the absence of light

Albert Einstein
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