Devine Feminine & Masculine

Divine Feminine Represent the Moon Element , she know’s things before they happen, she is a leader. She can control her ego, and her energy can heal the earth.

Divine Masculine Represent the Sun element, takes action and strong to change the world, can protect, and he can balance his ego.

I think Everyone is born as Divine Masculine and Feminine But , It is hidden somewhere and needs to be set free, like Princess Fiona Trapped in the tower with dragon guarding it. We go through Transformation to finally be that what we are,

Wounded Feminine

Joker Represent Psychic abilities and Magic, Unpredictability and Flexibility, Genius and Intelligence, bringing chaos and also fortune

When a girl fall in love deeply and get betrayed she turn into a joker.

Wounded Masculine

Jack Represents Bravery, Ruthlessness , Lust , hard work and Good Luck, He is Not to be trusted

When a boy fall in love deeply and get betrayed, he turn into Jack.


Represents Oneness, Vitality, Vibration: The heart know this all existence is one, therefor can only Love.


Represents the Aura, Energy. When your aura is shining like a diamond, you are prospering spiritually and materially .


Represents Evolution, knowing the dark side and bright side of one’s self, Means when someone goes through shit to evolve and be noble, mature and wise.


Represents Creativity , using the mind and the hands to create your reality.


The Ace Energy Represents winning and victory, New Start, sometimes victory comes with unclarity too.

Do you want the Meaning of numbers ? Stay tuned.

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