1. Falling In Love

The Types of Love
  • You Don’t Find it , It Finds you
It chase you like a sperm chase a woman's egg
It Happens at the moment you have the first eye contact with that person.
It catches you off guard, and somehow it gets you pregnant... of the new you.
  • It’s All Prank and Play, till it’s not.
Little Did you know, you are becoming too attached
  • One is Hurting the other without knowing
The Addiction to the Pain,
You refuse to realize that you are a slave for this love, you fight for it with everything, until you lose everything, including you.
  • The Maze
Finding the Strength to Let Go
The Love has turned into pain and its running into your bloodstream, 
Leaving them is like leaving a Maze, Mission Impossible.
  • Giving Birth to the new you
Recovering from a Spiritual Surgery
You want to go back to who you were before them, but you can't, that version of you needs a lot of healing. 
At this point... your talents unfold, because it is time you know and love yourself. It's time to be alone... and to want to be alone. 
The pain has awoken the shadows inside of you, and you are learning more about it.


The Types of Love
Two People becoming one
The more you wait for it, is the longer you wait , like chasing butterflies,  it will come to you when you find peace within.
They are a reflection of you, however... your souls are from two different dimensions.
It is Equal give and take, it's true.
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